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Sporting goods fishing line spool 100m

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,GREAT PRESENTATION,Power Match is smooth,soft and incredibly supple and provides excellent presentation not only because of its thin diameter but because of its extreme softness due to being treated in a special softening bath twice as long as normal mono. This provides good direct at medium range but enough give to avoid crack offs. With productiontuned knot strength as well as many other advantages such as high resistance to abrasion, high density, sensitivity, high feed-back, castability (tippet), durability, and low visibility, the STROFT FC1 is ideal for all angling-leader needs. G-Tec Super Mainline also has excellent abrasion resistance, giving you total peace of mind, when it comes to your all important critical link. 25mm Diameter 100metres Line,HI-TECH POLE & RIGMONO,Maximum Strength Pole & Rig Line,INCREDIBLE STRENGTH,Power Match has an incredibly high strength and with careful production control and use of the wealth of experience gained over the years we have produced a product that also has an incredibly high knot strength around 100% of linear test.