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The First Compound Is A Very Small Amino Acid That When Dissolved, Is Readily Absorbed Through The Intestine Wall And Quickly Builds Up Magnesium In The Body For A Rapid Calming Effect. This measurement is for a standard-sized tub. Laboob Kabeer is a herbal tonic that restores sexual potency. Up To 43 Days Supply (See Table Below), Unique 3-Phase Synbiotic To Promote Gut Health For Horses And Ponies In Work, Needing Extra Condition Or For Veterans, A Scientifically Proven Formulation Of Prebiotic, Probiotic And Yeast For Improved Feed Digestion And Support Of Hind Gut Bacteria, When To Use, Short Term During Times Of Stress Such As Competition And Travelling, Long Term To Optimise Fibre Digestion And Maintain The Health Of The Digestive System, Older Horses, Youngstock, Natural Vitality Digestive Health Plus Is A Unique Supplement Designed To Promote Gut Health For Horses And Ponies Who MayBe At Increased Risk Of Digestive Upsets Such As Those In Work, "Veterans" Or Individuals Who Are Underweight Or In Poor Condition.