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Outdoor living in 3 litre pot

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Ligustrum ovalifolium is a great and very popular hedging variety of which is used everywhere. Recommended for Midlands and Northern regions. Fagus sylvatica is a large and fast-growing deciduous tree with a broad, spreading crown; elliptic, yellow-green leaves in spring, turning rich russet-brown in autumn; and small, green flowers, followed by bristly fruits. Sterazin P Pond Treatment For 1800 Litres 125ml-Controls both body and gill flukes in pond fish-Safe with orfe and rudd-Effective against intestinal wormsNot for use with sturgeon and starlets. A firm crunchy skin gives way to a smooth juicy flesh. SPECIFIC-PURPOSE ORGANIC COMPOST FOR GROWING ANNUALS IN CONTAINERS & POTS The flowering season for summer annuals is relatively short, therefore it's important to get them off to a good start with compost designed to meet their needs.