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3 16V 1996-1997-1998-1999 1296ccm 75HP 55KW (Petrol) Daihatsu Charade MK IV (1993-2003) Hatchback 1. 6 (Petrol) Sep-97 to May-00 Model Codes:- A101. The following benefits are acheived: STOPS OIL LEAKS, CURES STIFF TIGHT STEERING, ELIMINATES NOISE. Fog lamps Installation do not need to change any of the original car lines. Battery fits :EBA-660 EBA-670 EBA-760 EBA-770 L36880-N2501-A110 L36880-N6051-A103 L36880-N6981-A100 L36880-N7101-A110 L36880-N7101-A111 V30145-K1310-X277 V30145-K1310-X289 V30145-K1310-X321 V30145-K1310-X328 V30145-K1310-X329 A31 A58 AX72 AX75 C65 C65v C66 C70 C71 C72 C75 C81 CF62 CF62T CF63 CF65 CF75 CFX65 CFX-65 CT66 CT72 CT75 CTX65 CV65 CV72 CV75 CX65 CX66 CX70 CX70 Emoty CX75 CXI65 CXI70 CXO65 CXT65 CXT70 CXV65 CXV70 M65 M75 M8 S65 S65V S66 S75 SK65 SP65 SP65 Emoty.