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Bricolage adhesive

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A high strength and high grab adhesive for bonding a wide variety of building materials without slipping. Evo-Stik TX528 Thixotropic Contact Adhesive. Thick consistency does not spill-hence reduces the mess related to normal contact adhesive use. Adhesives general purpose clear 12mm x 300mm slow setting, for use with hot melt guns P/212 or P/712 (sold by weight 5kg per pack). Clear syringe barrel air-powered pistons. Conforms to BS EN 12004 C1FTPREPARATION:Before commencing, all surfaces must be clean, dry and strong enough to support the weight of the tiles and the adhesive. UseBonds all types of construction materials including concrete, brick, plaster, stone, ceramics, polyester, epoxy, glass, steel, iron, aluminium and timber: Levelling and pointing Blowhole.