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Outdoor living ball

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Very Easy To Use Just Hold The Weed In One Hand Submerge The Prongs Around The Root And Twist To Remove The Weed And Roots. 22cm Tube 7cm Diameter 32cm Full Height (inc handle). Forged from stainless steel, with hardwood handle and leather hanging thong. It gives them instant vigour, and they love it. Purple garden ball with colored glass granules from the glass studio. All perfect sizes for seeds, seedlings and young plants, and all surprisingly sturdy. Turnip Golden Ball Brassica rapa glabra A dwarf Turnip producing round roots with a tasty, yellow flesh. Fat Ball Each ball weighs typically 88g and are not wrapped in netting in which birds can become trapped. As clipped balls they make a great feature for a small windowsil and their scented leaves can even be used in cooking.