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Battery NB-2L NB-2LH for Canon EOS 350D 400D G7 Canon DV SeriesDV-FV M100, Canon DV-FV M100Canon Elura SeriesCanon Elura 90, Canon Elura 60, Canon Elura 80, Canon Elura 40MC, Elura 40MC, Canon Elura 65, Canon Elura 85, Canon Elura 50, Canon Elura 70CANON EOS SeriesEOS 350DCanon FV SeriesFV M200, FV M30, FV 500, FV 500, FV M30, FV M200, FVM20Canon IXY DV SeriesIXY DV5, IXY DV3, IXY DV5BL, IXY DV5-BL, IXY DV3, IXY DV3, IXY DV5, IXY DV5Canon MV SeriesMV6iMC, Canon MV 6i, Canon MV-830, MV800, Canon MV5, Canon MV6iMC, Canon MV850i, MV5, MV5, Canon MV 5i, Canon MV-800, Canon MV-880X, MV800, Canon MV5iMC, Canon MV830i, MV6iMC, Canon MV 5, Canon MV6i MC, Canon MV-850i, MV5i, Canon MV6i, Canon MV830, MV830, MV830, Canon MV5i MC, Canon MV-830i, MV5i, Canon MV5i, Canon MV800, Canon MV880XCanon Optura SeriesCanon Optura 60, Canon Optura 400, Optura 60, Canon Optura 500, Optura 50, Canon Optura 40, Optura 50, Canon Optura 50, Optura 60, Canon Optura 30Canon PowerShot S SeriesPowerShot S30, PowerShot S45, PowerShot S60V, PowerShot S40, PowerShot S50.