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Turkish drum, aluminium, tuneable, 20cm plastic head, 355cm height. Are remarkable not only for the myriad sounds they produce, but also for their varied and often extraordinarily beautiful appearance. Seydel Söhne Fanfare Tremolo, the Fanfare is a Tremolo harp that is optimized for air-tightness and therefore can be played with an easiness and sonority that is unusual for a Tremolo harmonica, in contrast to other Tremolo-models the player can play really soft. 2 independent internal processors, 24bit converter, Presets and parameters on VST plug-in controllable, MIDI interface and tap-delay button. The signal path is analog but under digital opto control. Strymon Mobius, e-guitar effect, multi modulation, 12 different modulation effects (vintage and pattern tremolos, chorus, swell effects, radical formant effects, filter effects, flangers, phasers, rotary, plus proprietary radical Strymon creations: vibe, destroyer and quadrature), MIDI I/O, truy bybass, incl.