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Clematis 'Ernest Markham' is suitable for growing over walls, pergolas and trellises; it can also climb into small trees or over large shrubs. After flowering, Clematis alpina has attractive, whiskery seed heads. Pruning slightly after the winter promotes flowering. This honeysuckle thrives in full sun to partial shade and prefers a nutrient-rich soil. Also called anemone clematis, it has a delicate fragrance at maturity. Almond Tree Princess Amanda (edible almond, self-fertile). These then remain very small (only a third the size of Hayward) and are not produced reliably every year. 25" threaded screw to quickly and easily allow attachment of your favorite threaded bird bath. Galen' is fast growing and thrives best when planted against west and south-facing walls. Stake measures 14 quot; long with a 3 1/4 quot; grip and a 1 1/2 quot; leash ring.