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Contains highly stable, pure, encapsulated all-trans retinol at 0. It combines an effective time release mechanism within the ingredients, which means that it is delivered gradually throughout the night, meaning less irritation than usual with retinol products. Fits: Samsung L310, L310W, ES55, i8, i80, i100, L100, L110, L100, L120, L200, L201, L210, L310, L310W, L313, L313 WM110, NV4, NV9, NV30, NV33, NV40, NV103, NV106, P800, P1000, P1200,PL50, PL60, PL65, PL50, SL201, SL202, SL310, SL310WS, L420, SL620, ST10, ST50, TL9, TL100, ES55, ES60, ES63, HZ10W, HZ15W, WB500 WB550.
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Medik8 for Men CSA Philosophy Kit Discovery Edition

Medik8 - Medik8 for Men CSA Philosophy Kit Discovery Edition

Created with 0. E technology, plus sun protection and 5* UVA protection, the lightweight moisturiser will release ultra-conditioning properties while helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Available at Mankind
Medik8 CSA Philosophy Kit

Medik8 - Medik8 CSA Philosophy Kit

The eye contour appears smoother and younger-looking with an uplifting natural citrus aroma. 3% Retinol, the serum utilises Time Release Technology to release the. For a burst of moisture, Glycerin has been blended into the formula to give your complexion a plump, supple feel

Available at lookfantastic.com